English Conversation Practice

English Conversation Practice

Are you interested in applying your English skills to lively discussions about culture, politics, and current events? Are you looking to refine your grammar and vocabulary, improve your writing, and above all, polish your fluency in formal and informal conversations?

BEBAS new intermediate English Conversation Practice course is for you. This ten-week intensive course is designed for students who want to improve their abilities in spoken English. Each session, led by our native-speaking teacher, will focus on a general discussion topic. Participants will look at a text, review new vocabulary, and share their personal ideas with partners and the group. Students will have a writing assignment each week to practice using formal language to develop an idea.


Level A2/B1


Start: 31.01.2018

Class time: 6-7.45pm

Duration: 10 weeks, 20 class hours

Price: €160

Class Dates:

Wednesday, 31.01.2018
Wednesday, 07.02.2018
Wednesday, 14.02.2018
Wednesday, 28.02.2018
Wednesday, 07.03.2018
Wednesday, 14.03.2018                                                                                                                                    Wednesday, 21.01.2018
Wednesday, 28.01.2018
Wednesday, 04.01.2018

Level: B1/B2



The focus of this course is on communication and confidence. Students are invited to polish their English through lively discussions in an enjoyable atmosphere.

Discussion topics include music, happiness, pets, work, art, sports, adventure, and travel.

The course will focus on developing the following skills:

  • using the correct verb tenses and appropriate vocabulary to express an idea
  • agreeing or disagreeing with others and explaining personal opinions
  • asking questions and maintaining a conversation
  • politeness and levels of formality in spoken English

Start: 16.02.2018

Class time: 5.45-7.30pm

Duration: 10 weeks, 20 class hours

Price: €160

Class Dates 1



Advanced English Conversation Practice

 Level: B2/C1

The focus of this course is on communication and confidence, by far the most important skills when learning and speaking a second language. Students will be given specific tools to improve their speaking ability, fluency, ease, and agility in English and express their ideas with confidence and conviction.

Discussion topics include ecotourism, memories and innovation, prejudice and diversity, the power of images, humor, and the role of money.

The course will focus on developing the following skills:

  • recognizing and establishing formal and informal discussions in English
  • connecting ideas
  • polite disagreement
  • placing emphasis
  • indirect speech and quoting others in conversation
  • asking others for opinions and comparing views

Start: 19.01.2018

Class Time: 5.45-7.30pm

Duration: 10 weeks, 20 class hours

Price: €160

Friday, 19.01.2018
Friday, 26.01.2018
Friday, 02.02.2018
Friday, 09.02.2018
Friday, 16.02.2018
Friday, 23.02.2018
Friday, 02.03.2018
Friday, 09.03.2018
Friday, 16.03.2018                                                                                                                                                  Friday, 23.03.2018