Have you always wanted to learn Italian and all about the “Bel Paese” culture in a fun and relaxed atmosphere with a small group of students? Here at BEBAS, we offer two basic Italian courses.

Our A1.1 Italian course is intended for students with no previous experience learning Italian.  Classes are focused on grammar and basic vocabulary in addition to exploring interesting aspects of Italian culture.

Our A1.2 Italian course aims to give students a solid level of basic Italian by strengthening and expanding the knowledge and abilities acquired in A1.1. At the end of the complete A1 level, students will be able to:

  • Understand common daily expressions and form simple sentences to meet immediate needs.
  • Introduce themselves and others, and ask for and give basic personal information about their living situation, belongs, and people they know.
  • Interact competently at a basic level with Italian speakers who express themselves slowly and clearly.
  • Describe when and where something will take place.
  • Discuss and determine the location and time of an appointment or get-together.
  • Write short, simple letters (i.e. a congratulatory card) and fill out forms with personal information.
  • Be familiar with important and interesting aspects of Italian culture.


Start:    2018

Duration: 10 weeks, 20 class hours

Price: €160

Class dates:



 Start: Tuesday, 30.01.2018

Class Time: 5.45pm-7.30pm

Duration: 10 weeks, 20 class hours

Price: €160

Class dates:
Tuesday, 30.01.2018
Tuesday, 06.02.2018
Tuesday, 13.02.2018
Tuesday, 20.02.2018
Tuesday, 27.02.2018
Tuesday, 06.03.2018
Tuesday, 13.03.2018
Tuesday, 20.03.2018                                                                                                                                             
Tuesday, 27.03.2018
Tuesday, 03.04.2018


About the instructor:

Angela De Siena defines herself as a citizen of the world. Originally from Southern Italy, she moved north to Udine at eighteen to fulfill her dream of studying translation with a concentration in English and Spanish. Her passion for language and discovering other cultures led her first to Spain to continue her studies, and later to Germany. Her experience as a language learner has familiarized her with students’ learning process and helped her realize her true calling as a teacher. Angela arrived in Dresden after completing an internship as an Italian teacher at the University of Göttingen’s Linguistic Center. In December 2017 she will complete her Master’s Degree in Italian Language and Culture Instruction for Foreign Students through the University Ca’ Foscari in Venice. As a true Italian, she loves to cook and dance!