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Our school is officially accredited by the Accreditation and Licensing Ordinance.
BEBAS is a private language school. Our courses are limited to a maximum of 5 participants. On average, we almost always have groups of 4 to 5 students. This is part of our student concept. Only in this way can we offer our course participants a high quality learning experience in German language. The quality of the course will convince you that choosing BEBAS was the right decision. Thanks to our qualitative concept and the small groups, the lessons are even more individual and tailored to your language needs. In a group of 15 or 20 participants, you cannot complete a module in a few weeks. We distance ourselves from the large group concept.


At BEBAS we give you the grammatical and lexical tools you need to learn the language. The most important thing is that you always do this on a communicative basis and in real situations, so that you can easily relate to any context. The focus here is on interaction as the means and end goal of learning. You will have the opportunity to speak with the other participants and your teacher to practise your speaking skills and accent.
What should you do in a particular country? What do natural reactions look like and what is unthinkable in a particular culture.


The BEBAS method aims to give students confidence and motivation. In our lessons, whether inside or outside the classroom, we take an approach based on communicative situations and playful activities so that you learn and have fun at the same time. One of our focuses is also on translating sentences, building structures and comparing them. This is very useful when you want to learn a new language within a few weeks. The most important thing in this method is learning and using vocabulary and typical expressions.

We love foreign languages

BEBAS Language and Culture Center is a small, innovative language school that adopts outside-the-box and practice-oriented approaches in teaching new languages. Our young yet experienced course instructors have an academic background, are native speakers and specialise in language teaching.

What we offer


At BEBAS, we strive to provide a pleasant and creative atmosphere that will support communication and collective learning. We offer a wide range of solutions carefully designed to meet your needs and help achieve your goals, in addition to tailor-made learning plans at your request.




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Language Level Start Duration Time Free Places Price Registration
Sprachbild B1 - Module 2 - INTENSIVE COURSE 15/07/2024 3 weeks Mondays to Thursdays
3 399,00€
Sprachbild A1 - Module 2 - INTENSIVE COURSE 15/07/2024 3 weeks Monday to Thursday
2 399,00€
Sprachbild A1 - Module 1 - INTENSIVE COURSE 15/07/2024 3 weeks Monday to Thursday
2 399,00€
Sprachbild B2 - Module 2 - INTENSIVE COURSE 22/07/2024 3 weeks Mondays to Thursdays
2 399,00€
Sprachbild B2 - Module 1 - INTENSIVE COURSE 22/07/2024 6 weeks Monday-Tuesday-Friday
2 399,00€
Sprachbild A2 - Module 1 - INTENSIVE COURSE 05/08/2024 3 weeks Monday to Thursday
3 399,00€

Our Team



Language teacher and director of the school

Instructor for Spanish and German courses

Karin was born in Lima, Peru, and has been living in Germany for many years

Romance and Germanic languages with specialisation in applied linguistics

Trained language teacher

Interests: travel, culture and music


German teacher


German teacher


Spanish teacher

Google Reviews

Roman StraußRoman Strauß
23:32 19 May 22
BEBAS is an AMAZING language school! All teachers and staff genuinely care about their students. They are always available, supportive, and committed to their students’ success. Their curriculum and teaching approaches are outstanding! My experience had been one of genuine care and a pursuit of excellence in academics and in all areas of discipline. This school has given me many great challenges and pushed me to become the best student I could be. I felt well prepared for my professional life after completing the intensive language course. I highly recommend this language school!
Its a great institute for learning German langauge. The training provided by our German teacher Mrs.Karin is top notch. She explains the syllabus in such a way that we are able to grasp it very quickly, she also provides with cool techniques to understand the Grammar part , and this helps in building the vocabulary to a great extent, after attending the classes for just like around one month I really feel very confident while communicating in German,. I will definitely recommend Bebas language School because its simply the best :) .
I had an amazing time learning German in Bebas! My teacher Karin was fantastic and I learn so much because of her. I recommand this school to anyone that want to learn German in a welcoming place!
Marc CodinaMarc Codina
21:51 27 Jan 22
Went here to study german from zero and I must admit that this school is really great if you want to learn german. The classes are limited to maximum 3-5 students, which means that they are very interactive and personal. Recommended.
Hamish DunbarHamish Dunbar
14:18 30 Jul 21
Fantastic tutors and a friendly learning environment. Herzlichen Dank Bebas für den tollen Kurs!!Small class sizes allow students plenty of opportunities to speak and contribute. It was also a pleasure getting to know the other students and tutors. The Neustadt Kneipe tour was an unexpected bonus :)

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