Our classes at BEBAS focus on the cultural aspects of language learning in addition to vocabulary and grammar. We are a linguistic and cultural center that attempts to bring language and culture to life.

Our beginner to advanced German courses include 20 hours, 2 cultural hours and last 5 weeks.

BASIC GERMAN – for beginners


Students participating in our A1 German level courses (including A1.1 and A1.2) will learn the basics of German and acquire their first familiarity and confidence in their new language. By the end of the A1 level, students will be able to:

  • Understand and use familiar common expressions and construct simple sentences for everyday use.
  • Introduce themselves and ask others about where they live, who they know, and their possessions.
  • Read and understand basic newspaper ads and articles.
  • Discuss and ask about education, hobbies, work, travel and make comparisons.
  • Write simple texts like postcards and short emails.
  • Ask for and follow directions and understand signs and basic announcements.
  • Make plans for a party or get-together, including time, place, and activities.

Level Start Duration Free Places Price Registration
german A1 Modul 3 14.05.2018 5 weeks 5 160€


Level Start Duration Free Places Price Registration
german A2 module 1 15.05.2018 5 weeks 5 160€


Level Start Duration Free Places Price Registration
german B1 module 3 22.05.2018 5 weeks 3 160€


Level Start Duration Free Places Price Registration
german B2 Modul 2 28.05.2018 5 weeks 3 160€

German as a foreign language for medical professionals


„German for medical professions“ is designed especially for anyone who wants to work in the medical field in Germany. Not only technical terms are being taught but also how to express oneself when confronted with situations typical in medical professions. Furthermore we want to bring our learners closer to the characteristics of German culture.

Our teachers put great emphasis on a communicative and practical approach to teaching German. We operate in small groups with a maximum of ten people where  the focus is on each individual learner.

We encourage our students to speak and actively participate during the lessons and apply their knowledge thus creating a lively and positive learning environment.

Together you’re able to shape the course in a way that doesn’t only make learning fun but also prepares you ideally to work in the medical field.

Each course takes place over the course of two months from Monday till Friday, 9a.m. till 1p.m . The course costs 550€ per month.

For this course we accept education vouchers („Bildungsgutschein“) from the job centre („Arbeitsagentur“). BEBASwill gladly help you with the administrative barriers/matters. After completing the course the job centre can help place the participants into jobs.

Everyone who has a German level of B1 is able to join.

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Level Start Duration Free Places Price Registration
german C1 Modul 1 16.05.2018 5 weeks 4 160€