Our classes at BEBAS focus on the cultural aspects of language learning in addition to vocabulary and grammar. We are a linguistic and cultural center that attempts to bring language and culture to life.

Our basic and intermediate Spanish courses include 20 hours, 2 cultural hours and last 10 weeks.



Tapas, fiesta, cerveza – want to know more Spanish than just these words? If you’re curious about discovering the wonders of the Spanish language and culture throughout Spain and Latin America, then our basic Spanish course is for you! In our A1 level, our native-speaking teacher will give you basic language tools to get you underway with the commonly used expressions and vocabulary you need for everyday situations. At the end of the A1 level (made up of A1.1 and A1.2 courses), students will be able to:

  • Carry out basic conversations including greetings, introductions, questions, confirming information, and saying goodbye
  • Give and ask for general information about people, places, situations, and actions in the present tense
  • Describe themselves, get to know others, and distinguish between formal and informal “you” (tú and usted)
  • Give and ask for opinions and preferences and make comparisons
  • Talk and ask about time, date, and location
  • Ask for information in a public place, for directions, and about prices
  • Ask others to speak more slowly or repeat themselves


Level Start Duration Free Places Price Regis­tration
A1 module 1 + Sprachtraining EVENING COURSES 06.04.2020 10 weeks Monday (18:00-19:30 ) 7 159€
A1 module 2 + Sprachtraining EVENING COURSES 29.06.2020 10 weeks Monday (18:00-19:30 ) 7 159€




Our A2 Spanish courses (including A2.1 and A2.2) are for Spanish learners who have already been familiarized with the basic aspects of speaking Spanish. Here you will gain the language skills and confidence you need to carry out your next travel abroad experiences. In the A2 level, students will learn to:

  • Carry out basic conversations in social situations and agree on the details of a future meeting or get-together.
  • Interact with others at banks, stores, and stations, and ask for and give directions.
  • Understand public announcements and grasp the essential information in television programs.
  • Follow basic instructions and identify needed information in menus, listed store hours, and cultural or sport programs.
  • Write and understand basic correspondence related to themselves and family members, requesting information, invitations, and expressing thanks.
  • Describe events that have taken place in the past, including place, time, and simple actions.
  • Compare the past and the present, make predictions, and describe a sequence of events.
  • Express opinions, including doubt and preference, persuade others, and give suggestions.

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Spanish B1


Level Start Duration Free Places Price Regis­tration
Conversation Courses A1/A2 30.05.2020 5 weeks Monday (13:00-16:30 ) 7 159€
SATURDAY Conversation Courses A1/A2 30.05.2020 5 weeks Monday (09:00-12:30 ) 7 159€